How long will it take to get my tini?

It usually takes around 60 days since you purchase you tini, but since each tini can be customized to you needs additional personalizations can take slightly longer. Longer times apply to regions outside of Continental Europe and the United Kingdom.

Where can I place my tini / what permits do I need?

Regulation within Spain and Europe can vary greatly even at a local or regional level. We suggest that you contact with your local authorities to better understand the legal requirements. Within Spain will happily assist you with the process.
In the past few years regulation in Europe, the U.K. and North America has been modified to allow this type of small modular construction, eliminating permits or making it easier to get the necessary permits. We anticipate that this trend will grow in the following years.

Is transportation included?

Our prices include transportation to continental Spain and Portugal, but we can accomodate for almost any location within Europe and beyond.

How will my tini be transported and delivered?

Your tini arrive fully finished and furnished, so you will be ready to use it a few hours after being placed on site.

What services / connections do I have to have on my plot?

Your tini can be 100% off grid!

You can choose if you want it to be connected to the water, electricity and sanitation of your plot or to be self-sufficient in any or all of the items mentioned earlier.
In which case you want it to be totally self-sufficient, in the case of a 34m2 tini it would be equipped with:

- 1000L water tank
- 3k photovoltaic installation (solar panel 340w, 72 cells + compact battery with accumulation 250A / h.12v)
- 2000L septic tank

Depending on the number of modules, the location and the use could be adjusted to your exact needs.

What is the installation process?

-You will receive your tini completely finished, transported by truck.

-The tini is usually placed on a small concrete slab or on precast piles, depending on the terrain conditions.

-If you have chosen the self-sufficient option, it will be necessary to install the solar panels and the water tank, which will not take more than 2-3 days.

What exactly does my tini include?

The tini includes everything that you have been selecting when customizing yours.
the full option includes:

-Full bathroom (toilet, shower with screen, sink with mirror, countertop and shelves)
-Full kitchen (complete wood countertop finished in steel, sink, tap, paneled fridge, ceramic hob and extractor hood)
- Wooden furniture integrated in solid pine (cabinets, bed base and side tables)
-Linestra LED wall lights, plugs, switches and sockets.

And if you have also chosen to be self-sufficient:
- 1000L water tank
- 3k photovoltaic installation (solar panel 340w, 72 cells + compact battery with accumulation 250A / h.12v + installation)
- 2000L septic tank + installation.
- Does not include earthworks or previous screed. does not include mattress, cushions, armchairs or other additional decorative elements.

Does the price of my tini include taxes?

The price does not include VAT or other taxes or fees that each municipality, region, or country may apply.

In Spain, for VAT, we add 10% for individual projects, and 21% for companies.

Can I join multiple tini modules?

Sure, not a problem!

The options are endless, you can join any of out tini model S or M to create bigger spaces. In fact many of our clients have already done so.

Contact us for more information and we will be happy to provide you with details and price estimates for joining several of our modules.