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tiny mobile home s.l.
E.U. tax ID: EUB88277520 - madrid, spain

Modular construction for tomorrow's world, join our movement.

Tini is a revolutionary new construction method that minimal construction work on property, reduces construction time periods, and adapts to new construction regulation in certain jurisdiction. We believe our modules are the first step toward building a new way of approaching construction. Construction that is environmentally friendly and can be easily integrated into any landscape or environment. Our tiny home modules promote maximizing rural areas, reducing modern city density, and allow for remote living. We also offer options that are completely off-the-grid allowing for greater freedom and better usability of rural lands.

Tini is comprised of a dynamic team of architects, engineers, technicians, and entrepreneurs. Our team is fully dedicated to our clients and our projects, allowing for endless customizations, and delivering our product across the globe. We invest significant resources towards design and research, and continuously work on improving our products.

Ignacio de la Vega


Product Design

Ricardo de Zulueta


Operations and Business Development

Pilar Cano-Lasso


Technical Lead

José de la Vega


Business strategy

Fernando Caruncho

Director comercial España / UK

Gaetan Roussel

Commercial Director France

Santiago Alonso

Manufacturing and Operations Management

Raquel Díaz

Poject Execution Supervisor

Leyre Rada

Arquitecto – Gerente de ejecución de proyectos

Lucas Salgado

Dirección de estrategias de marketing

Claudia Pérez

VP sales